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I highly recommend this attorney. Debbie is always helpful! Thank you for everything.

- Tiffany Santanelli

Donald Anderson, and paralegal Debbie, were instrumental in my son continuing his SSD. Very professional. Pleasant to work with. Worked with attorneys for 17 years. Highly recommend this Law Office. I cannot say enough about this experience. Thank you for your assistance!

- Lee Anderson

Debbie at Atty Anderson was awesome. She returned my calls in a timely manner and answered my questions. It's very important to continue going to your Dr. s appointments. I was denied twice and it took 2 yrs for a hearing so you need to be patient. We won and I want to thank all at the law firm.

- Richard Beehler

Highly Instrumental in my case. Fought for 5 years even after a verified on-the-job spinal injury as a federal DoD Civil Service employee.

- Bryan J Zsurka Sr

We hired Donald Anderson to represent us with S.S. Our disabled son was on review to have his disability discontinued. Debby, the paralegal prepared a memorandum for the court. Atty Anderson and his staff were instrumental in my son keeping his S.S. disability benefits. Very professional and pleasant to work with. Thank you from our family.

- Lee